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  1. THE DRIVING EXAMINERS!!!!: That's right! The same folks who evaluate students from every driving school in Brantford choose Mike's Driving School. Driving examiners and supervisors working in Brantford--even some residing outside Brant County--have sent their children to Mike's more often than not.
  2. PEOPLE WHO DO DUE DILIGENCE: Talk to friends and family, Google with total strangers and find out about their experiences with driver education in Brantford. The more you research the more likely you are to come to Mike's. While you may not have the same first-hand evidence the driving examiners are privy to--the word is out there and you will find it.
  3. PEOPLE WHO KNOW US: When we are granted the privilege of teaching one person to drive well they advocate for us and the percentage of younger siblings attending Mike's Driving School is staggeringly high.
  4. PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND VALUE: Most of us understand that paying a high price does not guarantee high quality in return. Paying a high price does increase the chance you will experience a greater rip-off if expectations are not met, in spite of the price paid. At the same time, any company which seeks to "lowball" the competition with low prices must have a reason--could it be that poor service leads to a situation where you must take advantage of unsuspecting "frugal" customers? At Mike's we do not have the cheapest price--but you don't want me to provide the service that price would involve. Simply ask yourself this question--Do you think the driving examiners would have hesitated to pay a few dollars more if they thought it might increase their family's safety even by the smallest of margins? VALUE!!!.

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